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Our Product Line
We proudly offer these quality motorcycle trike kits for sale and installation, as well as a complete line of accessories to give you the best looking custom trike on the road today.
Click on the pictures below to visit the home pages of our vendors to see these fine products that are available to you.
Motor TrikeCalifornia SidecarChampion
Firecreek Accessories
Custom wing panels
with instrumentation
Kisan Technologies
Modulating headlight
and flashing taillights
Utopia Products
Built-in driver's
back rest
Big Bike PartsCorbin
Custom saddles
Super Brace
Fork Brace Stabilizers
Tulsa Enterprises
Aerodynamic Wind Screen

And for the ultimate in motorcycle touring, we carry the Escapade trailer line. Escapade was designed and engineered to make your touring adventures enjoyable and pleasurable, with all of the luxuries from home.Escapade trailer